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Alan Wake 2 length and how long to beat

With a healthy dose of True Detective influence leading it forward, the Alan Wake 2 length isn't aiming to be extremely long but it may shorter than you expect.

Alan Wake 2 length ps5 xbox

How long is Alan Wake 2? After over a decade, developer Remedy Entertainment is bringing back everyone’s favorite best-selling novelist with a scarily-overactive imagination, but things are far darker than the last time we visited. As players gear up for the survival horror game’s launch on PS5 and Xbox, the Alan Wake 2 length will hopefully satisfy those who have waited so long for the sequel.

Remedy transports PS5 and Xbox players back to Bright Falls with Alan Wake 2 but alas, our beloved author is missing, a killer is on the loose, and it’s making the wait for the Alan Wake 2 release date harder. But while you wait for it to arrive, your questions surrounding the Alan Wake 2 length have been answered by Remedy itself.

Alan Wake 2 length

The Alan Wake 2 length is “over 20 hours” on PS5, Xbox, and PC according to communications director Thomas Puha. Puha confirmed the game’s clear time in a Q&A with WCCFTECH.

Following up the mind-warping mayhem of Alan Wake Remastered and Alan Wake American Nightmare is no easy task, but completing the Alan Wake 2 story “depends on your skills, but currently – and [because] the game is not quite done yet because a lot of the content is still going in – we’re looking at over 20 hours,” says Puha.

Puha further explains that the story is set to expand post-launch: “We are going to do two expansions, but we’re not really saying anything about that. But if you got to follow what we did on Control, it’ll be something similar.” Control was followed up by The Foundation and AWE expansions, with the latter providing some thrilling connections to Alan Wake lore.

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Factors that can affect your Alan Wake 2 playtime

There are a few key factors that can affect the Alan Wake 2 length and how long it takes to beat it:

  • Experience
  • Possible collectibles
  • Achievement Hunting

While Puha says that it’s very important that Alan Wake 2 is “very accessible, even if you haven’t played the first game”, that’s not to say you won’t have to take some extra time getting used to the game’s systems. In fact, with the shift in tone between Alan Wake and Alan Wake 2, even long-time players may need an extra hour or so to get used to any changes that we might see gameplay-wise.

As we saw in the first Alan Wake, there are plenty of achievements and collectibles to allocate extra time towards. While many players don’t really care about 100% completion, if you do then be prepared to stay in Bright Falls for a little bit longer.

And that’s the Alan Wake 2 length. There are many upcoming PS5 games to be aware of this year, but as soon as the doors to the Dark Place open, we’ll see you there.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Alan Wake 2 cast. After all, getting used to the new faces you’ll see around Bright Falls could save you a few minutes if you’re strapped for time and hoping to clear the game as quickly as possible.