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Is Alan Wake 2 on Game Pass?

Grab your flashlight and get ready to face some nightmares, but first, find out if Alan Wake 2 is on Game Pass for Xbox and PC or not.

Alan Wake 2 game pass: Alan Wake live actor in front of an Alan Wake 2 background

The long-awaited sequel to Remedy’s Alan Wake is finally coming, after 13 dreadfully long years. However, for those who have yet to play the first game in the series, or the remastered version of it, here’s if Alan Wake 2 is on Game Pass, so you can enjoy the sequel without paying the full price.

Just like a monster in the night, the Alan Wake 2 release date is creeping up on us with every passing day. Hopefully, after such a long wait, we expect it to be worthy of the best horror games list, especially with the incredibly talented Alan Wake 2 voice actors and cast involved in the sequel.

Is Alan Wake 2 on Game Pass?

Currently, there are no plans for Alan Wake 2 to be on Game Pass. Neither Epic Games nor Xbox has confirmed the title to be coming to the subscription service, and considering that Alan Wake Remastered hasn’t joined Game Pass, we don’t expect Alan Wake 2 to join anytime soon.

While Remedy Entertainment’s Control game was on Game Pass (and its rival, PS Plus) for quite some time, this was because of a deal between Control’s publisher, 505 Games, and Xbox. Alan Wake 2 is being published by Epic Games Publishing, meaning there are different deals.

Alan Wake (the original game) has been on Game Pass, including its spin-off American Nightmare. So, there’s a chance that Alan Wake 2 could eventually end up on the service, but considering Alan Wake Remastered has yet to be on it, we can’t imagine it will be any time soon.

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So, while Alan Wake 2 is not on Game Pass right now, there’s always a chance that Xbox will eventually add it. But for now, you can put your subscription to good use by playing the best Xbox Game Pass games right now, or check out the best Xbox horror games to get yourself in the spooky spirit.