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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes - all the JRPG’s roles

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes list is a long one, so if you're trying to find out all the classes you can use in the JRPG, you've come to the right place

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Are you looking to spend hundreds of hours of your life lost in a JRPG? Or, maybe you’re already playing the latest Xenoblade on Nintendo Switch and want to find out all the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes so you can plan who to recruit and use so that you can nab their class off them and discard them like the Z-lister they are. That’s cold.

In any case, the world of Aionios is sizeable indeed, and you don’t want to spend every waking minute with the same handful of classes from the playable characters, so our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes guide is here to help you pick your next recruitment targets.

Once you’ve recruited a new Hero into your party and used them in combat, you are then allowed to use their class on other playable heroes in the game. Read on below to find out more details on how to do this and what the classes are.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes

Classes are unlocked by obtaining by recruiting new Heroes and using them in combat. You can then change any playable character to that class. The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes are:

  • Swordfighter (Attacker)
  • Zephyr (Defender)
  • Medic Gunner (Healer)
  • Tactician (Healer)
  • Heavy Guard (Defender)
  • Ogre (Attacker)
  • Flash Fencer (Attacker)
  • Yumsmith (Attacker)
  • Lost Vanguard (Defender)
  • Seraph (Attacker)
  • Troubadour (Healer)
  • Strategos (Healer)
  • Lifesage (Healer)
  • Royal Summoner (Attacker)
  • War Medic (Healer)
  • Guardian Commander (Defender)
  • Lone Exile (Defender)
  • Stalker (Attacker)
  • Incursor (Attacker)
  • Thaumaturge (Healer)
  • Soulhacker (Attacker)
  • Signifer (Healer)
  • Machine Assassin (Attacker)
  • Martial Artist (Attacker)
  • Full Metal Jaguar (Attacker)

That is every one of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes in the game. The game is massive, so if you’re looking for the best hero to recruit, or which of these is the best class to use for a certain role, then check out our guides on the topics.