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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 best heroes to add to your party

Are you trying to find out the best Xenoblade Chronicles 3 heroes? Our guide has all the party companions in MonolithSoft's latest JRPG on Nintendo Switch

xenoblade chronicles 3 heroes man swinging a spear behind him

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 from Monolith Soft is finally here to bring us the latest entry in the JRPG series. We’re all no doubt going to be spending hundreds of hours in the game, getting lost in the world of Aionios and exploring its furthest and deepest depths to get all the lore and goodies, and pick up the best Xenoblade Chronicles 3 heroes for our parties while we’re at it.

Because Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a JRPG, it means that the game has a heavy focus on characters and their backstories. It’s also an absolutely huge game both in terms of how long to beat it and just how large the map actually is. And, like any self-respecting RPG game, you can accrue various characters for your party, and this includes heroes, which act as a seventh party member.

To find out all about best Xenoblade Chronicles 3 heroes read on through the rest of this article.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 heroes

The best Xenoblade Chronicles 3 heroes are:

  • Ethel (Attacker)
  • Zeon (Defender)
  • Valdi (Healer)
  • Isurd (Healer)

Ethel is our early game attacker choice. As a Flash Fencer, her arts and attacks are capable of high-damage outputs, which makes her a great addition to your group early on when you unlock her during the No Want of Courage quest.

As with classes, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 doesn’t have as much to choose from with the Defender role as it does with attackers and defenders. So, our choice is to run with Zeon who relies on maintaining aggro, which is a great choice if you’d rather be active in combat, rather than be a sponge soaking up damage.

Valdi should be your main hero early on when it comes to the healer role as having multiple characters with healing properties is incredibly useful. His arts and abilities are strong giving everyone health boosts thanks to his War Medic class.

Our final early to mid-game choice is Isurd. Isurd offers a nice blend of debuffs with the typical healing properties you’d expect from a healer that makes for a useful ally in combat.

That’s everything we know about the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 best heroes. We don’t know all of the in-depth details yet as we are still making our way through the game, but we will keep this article updated. To find out more about who you can play as in the game, check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 best classes guide to help you on your journey.