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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 best classes to use for each role

Are you trying to find out what the best classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are? We've got you covered across the defender, attacker, and healer roles

xenoblade chronicles 3 classes main character wielding a weapon at the camera

Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the latest JRPG from Monolith Soft, is part of a series known for its sprawling open worlds. These vast lands must be explored by somebody, and that somebody is you and your party of wacky misfits. But, it wouldn’t be a true RPG if each of your party members didn’t have varying abilities and roles, which is why we’ve put together this guide on the best classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

There is a metric buttload of customisation that can be done to the game’s characters with their combat arts, and clothing, and that extends to the classes. Because of this, it can be tough to find the best classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 because you unlock so many of them and there is so much to choose from.

Thankfully, after making our way through the early and mid-game we have pulled together our recommendations for which ones you should use. These cover attacker, defender, and healer classes.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 best classes

Our choices for the best classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are as follows:

  • Ogre (Attacker)
  • Flash Fencer (Attacker)
  • Zephyr (Defender)
  • War Medic (Healer)

The Ogre class is strong initially as it offers the most adaptable attacking style with a lot of knockdown effects that make up for its heavier and slower auto-attack. The buffs that you get when at low health also help if you run into a tough enemy early on.

Flash Fencer is a different attacker class as it is relatively similar to Noah’s starting Swordfighter class. However, it is better, with stronger attacks and a bleed effect to help boost its effectiveness.

Zephyr is our choice for the best Defender skill early on. While you don’t get as much choice on the defence side, it is faster than the standard Heavy Guard and has a noticeably faster recharge when it comes to combat arts. This allows you to hold aggro longer and also maintain your survivability when you are holding it.

Finally, our Healer choice for the best class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is War Medic as almost all of its skills offer buffs and enhancements to your party in some kind of way.

As mentioned, these recommendations are only from the early game and mid-game as Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is so big that properly getting a look at all of the classes and deciphering the best ones will take time. But, for a couple of dozen hours, these are what you should be running with.

But, those are our recommendations for the best classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. But, as we know, classes are initially tied to characters, so why not check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 characters guide for more information about the six main playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?