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Red Dead Redemption allegedly saddling up for an Xbox Game Pass debut

The first Red Dead Redemption could ride across the Xbox Game Pass plains, as it appears Rockstar Games is ready to announce its arrival.

Red Dead Redemption Xbox Game Pass: An image of John Marston in Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption still remains of the greatest open world games of our time, and shares great company within Rockstar Games‘ impressive library. The acclaimed western adventure received some TLC with a brand-new port last August, and it looks like it may be set to appear on Xbox Game Pass in the future.

However, it remains unclear exactly which version of Red Dead Redemption is supposedly joining the massive Xbox Game Pass games list. According to Redditor ‘Timtendo12’, they claim that to have “found a string in the Red Dead Redemption site” that supposedly confirms Red Dead Redemption’s leap to subscription services on both PS5 and Xbox platforms.

The description, that is currently hidden from public view on the game’s site, specifically purports that Red Dead Redemption will be available on “Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.”

Prior to this discovery, Rockstar Games has recently added the beloved open world game to its own GTA+ subscription service, which also contains some of the best games in the GTA series like Liberty City Stories for players to enjoy. It’d be an interesting move for Rockstar, as Red Dead Redemption’s presence on GTA+ is a hefty benefit for subscribers. Moving it over to Game Pass not only takes away from Rockstar’s own platform, but removes any incentive to bother with it in the first place.

Red Dead Redemption Game Pass: An image of the RDR site's metadata.

Crucially, the only version of Red Dead Redemption available on Xbox right now is the original Xbox 360 iteration of the title. Although, it benefits from some welcome upscaling and the stability of current-gen Xbox hardware, it doesn’t come with the benefit of 60fps support seen in the PlayStation port. However, the Xbox 360 version still has complete multiplayer game functionality.

We’ve hopped on for a few games recently, and it is quite wholesome to still see players roaming around Blackwater and the wider map. Unless developer Double Eleven, the team behind the PS4 port, have been working on an Xbox release too, we wager that the version reportedly set for Game Pass is the 360 release. If we’re being optimistic, we’d also like to see that alleged GTA 4 remake come to fruition too.

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