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Xbox Paramount+ arrives with Microsoft’s most divisive gaming show

Xbox Paramount+ is officially rolling out in several regions, meaning that you can watch the highly divisive Halo TV show on your Xbox.

Xbox Paramount+ Halo

Seeing your favorite Xbox games adapted into movies or TV shows in unavoidable in this day and age, and now that the dust has settled, you can watch one of these adaptations in your own home. Xbox Paramount+ is arriving around the world in multiple regions, bringing an array of popular blockbusters and more importantly, the divisive Halo TV show along with it. If you’ve not activated a Paramount+ subscription yet, this could be the time to do so.

The Halo franchise has spawned some of the best Xbox games in history, and if you’ve been thinking about watching the Halo TV show, all you need to do is fire up your Xbox. “Our goal is to make Paramount+’s popular content, characters and franchises available to an expanded audience,” says senior VP of international streaming distribution and business, Angela Heckman. Paramount+’s reach on Xbox now extends to Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latin America, and Switzerland and the U.K. across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles, according to Variety.

The Halo TV is included as part of your subscription, but fan reception to the show hardly indicates is it one of the best sci-fi series around. It has been a tough time for the Halo franchise over the last year. While Halo is still a juggernaut series for Xbox players, the initial reaction to Halo Infinite and the Halo TV show yielded less than inspiring results. Despite a somewhat reputable 70% critic score on aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, the show sits with a considerably lower 52% audience score.

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However, alongside the Halo Season 2 release date, Halo Infinite’s recent seasons are positioning it to be one of the best Xbox Game Pass games available. Our own Halo Infinite review at the time of release cites, “while 343 may not be breaking new ground with the light open-world elements it has added, it has done a great job of creating a solid experience for new and returning players alike.”

The game is enjoying a new-found period of popularity, as Halo Infinite Season 5 Reckoning injects fresh life into its multiplayer playlists. According to an official description from 343 Industries, Season 5 Reckoning “offers an all-new Battle Pass featuring Flood-inspired rewards, new maps, a new mode, and a sophisticated AI Toolkit for Forge.” Players can also enjoy features such as “Firefight: King of the Hill offers a refreshing twist on the beloved co-op wave-survival mode.”

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So while you enjoy all the new Xbox games available on Game Pass, it could be worth firing up Paramount+ to see Master Chief’s small-screen debut.