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You can save 50% on this 2023 Xbox sports game if you’re quick enough

You might be looking for a chance of pace away from FC 24, so get this great discount on Madden NFL 24 for your Xbox before you miss out.

Sometimes a respite from the chaos of FPS games like Modern Warfare 2 or battle royale juggernauts like Fortnite needed, as we can only take so many people doing the griddy on our digital remains. That’s where the world of Xbox sports games comes into play, and if you’re looking to bulk up your Xbox library, it might be worth considering Madden NFL 24. Especially as you can get a considerable discount on it.

Now, we know that Madden NFL 24 had a shaky launch critically, but when it comes to dipping your into the realm of American Football, then it might be one of the best Xbox sports games you get your hands on. It doesn’t matter if you missed out on Madden NFL 23 either, as the game aims to usher in new players with an assortment of new and returning features. Currently, Amazon is hosting a 50% discount on the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One version of the game in the United States, with a 29% reduction for United Kingdom residents.

Normally retailing for $69.99/£69.99, you can now purchase Madden NFL 24 for the handsome price of $34.99/£49.95 on Xbox. An end date for the discount is unlisted, but with plenty of Black Friday Xbox deals in the pipeline, we speculate that it will likely be removed in favor of other deals on new Xbox games or older titles. Madden NFL 24 sports some current-gen only features, such as the inclusion of SAPIEN technology.

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This gives the game a richer sense of realistic movement, while also allowing EA Sports to craft more lifelike recreations of iconic players. You can also encounter improved blocking mechanics, as the game’s hitting and tackling system packs over 1,000 new animations that can be rolled out across each match you play.

Other refined features include a larger selection of cities, a better agency and draft system, and a huge library of updated uniforms for pinpoint accuracy. More importantly, players can also dive into Superstar mode, which offers both an offline and online version of the mode, called The League and Showdown respectively.

Mini-games are back for the first time since Madden NFL 12, and there are a lot of them to get acquainted with. Participating will unlock skill points to use on your athletes, depending on how well you execute each task. If you were wondering just how many of those aforementioned mini-games there are, then check out this list below:

  • Target Passing
  • Pass Skeleton (Outmanned)
  • Rushing Attack
  • WR Battle
  • WR Battle (Red Zone Attack)
  • Trench Battle (The Long Hall)
  • Chase and Tackle
  • DB Battle
  • DB Battle (Red Zone Defense)
  • Field Goal Accuracy
  • Coffin Corner

For such a steal of a price, you might find Madden NFL 24 to be one of the best sports games you’ll pick up toward the end of 2023. Aside from this, you can dip into the Xbox Game Pass November 2023 games list, as Microsoft adds more titles to your library.