Xbox Game Pass added $420 of new games in February

February 2022 was a forgettable month for Xbox Game Pass, but it still give subscribers over $400 worth of newly added games

Xbox Game Pass February 2022 breakdown: a split imaeg of two screenshots, one from Madden NFL 22, the other from Total War Warhammer 3

While Xbox and PC Game Pass started 2022 off with a bang in January, adding the likes of the Hitman Trilogy and six day-one releases, February looked on paper at least to pale in comparison. To find out if this is actually the case, we’ve once again brought out our calculators to work out just how much value was added to Game Pass in February, and how much was taken away too.

First, some quick highlight stats. In February, 14 completely new additions were added to either Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass, totalling $419.86 (around £313). This is less than January’s total, which saw 16 new games worth just under $490 brought to the service.

There were also a few existing games that were added to new platforms on Game Pass, such as Dragon Ball FighterZ, which was previously just on Xbox Game Pass but was added to PC Game Pass’ library too. On top of this, existing Game Pass title Ark: Survival Evolved was upgraded to the Ultimate Survivor Edition, which adds all of the game’s past DLCs to the service.

If you take the 14 new additions, and include all of the other content mentioned above, then the added value increases to $579.82.

Of the 14 new Game Pass games we got in February, four of them were day one releases. In what appears to be a growing trend for Microsoft’s service, two of the 14 games, Besiege and Roboquset, were “Game Preview” versions, which is essentially Microsoft’s version of early access.

While we did get plenty of lovely stuff added this month, like the critically acclaimed Telling Lies and Total War: Warhammer 3 for PC audiences, it’s always worth looking at what leaves the service too. In February, ten games were removed from Game Pass, totalling $307.99. This included some popular, well-revered games like Control and The Medium.

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While February was certainly a less-memorable month for Microsoft’s service, it still added a fair amount of value to what is already the best deal in gaming. We’re already optimistic for next month, with the likes of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy already confirmed, and some big console releases planned like Crusader Kings 3 and Shredders. We’ll be sure to bring you another monthly breakdown once March is over.