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Save big on the best Xbox open world games before it’s too late

Apex Legends' latest update introduces the Sun Squad Collection Event and swimsuit skins to the battle royale, but they're nothing compared to these concepts.

Xbox Far Cry sale August 2023

If you’re sitting there looking for a new Xbox game to play and all the best Xbox Game Pass games aren’t exciting you enough, you can actually save on some of the best Xbox open world games out there right now in this week’s Xbox Far Cry sale. If you’ve ever wanted to check out one of Ubisoft’s expansive open world games, this really is the perfect chance. Although, you don’t have too long to take advantage of these discounts.

If you want to take on prehistoric panthers and other Stone Age threats to become an Apex Predator, you can buy Far Cry Primal for just $7.49 right now – a huge 75% discount on this game’s full price. With Survivor Mode and Permadeath, this ancient landscape has never been more deadly and it’s certainly one of the more unique settings in the Far Cry series.

UK-based players will be able to pick this up for the equivalent price of £6.24 – an absolute steal considering what you’re getting.

Far Cry isn’t all about taking down Wooly Mammoths, though. If you fancy yourself against Pagan Min in Kyrat, then you can buy Far Cry 4 for just $5.99 right now. Set in the Himilayas, while featuring one of this series’ best villains, Far Cry 4 features a huge diverse landscape for you to explore. It’s also one of the best co-op games out there if you’re looking for multiplayer mayhem, in case you’re looking for something to play with your mates.

Those of you in the UK will be able to buy Far Cry 4 for just £5 – also a 70% saving. Not bad at all, if you ask us.

One of the newer Far Cry games, Far Cry New Dawn is also on sale. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, expect a slightly different Far Cry experience here – but, one with just as much chaos and action. If you want to give this a go, you can buy Far Cry New Dawn for just $7.99 right now – that’s 80% off the full price.

In the UK? Well, you can get it for just £7.99 – exactly the same price.

If you want a little more bang for your buck and everything Far Cry’s Hope County has to offer, you can actually buy the Far Cry New Dawn and Far Cry 5 bundle for just $14.99 – which is an absolutely massive saving of $85. This contains Far Cry 5, and Far Cry New Dawn, which sees you battle it out against The Heralds in a fanatical doomsday cult. Sounds fun, right?

If you’re someone playing your games in the UK, you can get this for the equivalent discount at £12.74. Steal.

We know Far Cry games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they really are some of the best FPS games out there if you’re looking for sprawling open worlds and more than enough enemies to shoot. So, for prices like these, they deserve a go. It might also be a good way to see if you’d be interested in Ubisoft’s upcoming Avatar game when the Avatar Frontiers of Pandora release date rolls around; the gameplay looks similar to say the least.