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Is WWE 2K23 coming to Nintendo Switch?

Find out if WWE 2K23 is coming to Nintendo Switch and you will be able to play the game while on the move and enter the ring no matter where you are.

WWE 2K23 Nintendo Switch: A wrestler can be seen

WWE 2K23 has been announced and is once again bringing a host of new features to the sports game, but if you will get to experience them with WWE 2K23 Nintendo Switch. Whether it is updated ratings for players or brand new modes like WarGames, there is a lot that is different about this year’s game.

Nintendo Switch players have long-been longing for the series to hit its console as wrestling options are hard to come by on the platform, and you certainly can’t find one in the best Nintendo Switch games list. But with the WWE 2K23 roster and John Cena as the WWE 2K23 cover star, will you get a taste of the wrestling action with WWE 2K23 on Switch?

The answer is no, as WWE 2K23 is not coming to Nintendo Switch. It will only be on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

There is always a chance of possibly getting the game down the line. 2K has released its NBA 2K series on Switch for years, but WWE has never joined it on the handheld. So while certainly possible (likely with a Cloud version), we don’t see any reason why 2K would deviate from its usual release plans for the series.

So that covers what we know about WWE 2K23 on Nintendo Switch. If you are keen to know more about this year’s game, get an idea of how the WWE 2K23 ratings are shaping up for another year of mayhem in the ring. A roundup of everything announced for the game as well can be found in our article ahead of the WWE 2K23 release date on consoles and PC.