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Is WWE 2K23 crossplay?

If you're wondering if WWE 2K23 crossplay will be available in the game, then find out what multiplayer options are available to you before you jump in.

WWE 2K23 Crossplay: A wrestler can be seen

Are you wondering if WWE 2K23 is crossplay? Let us take you through what 2K has said about this year’s release and what you can expect from the multiplayer for it. As expected the game hasn’t evolved much from the previous year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t new ways to play with your friends.

However, is one of the ways to be able to play across platforms using your favourite wrestlers from the WWE 2K23 roster? Let us dive into how and where you can party up with your friends in WWE 2K23.

Is WWE 2K23 crossplay?

WWE 2K23 crossplay is not available for this year’s game. WWE 2K22 did not receive crossplay so while not impossible, it does seem unlikely that this year’s game will get the feature in the future.

This is of course disappointing to players as crossplay has become a must-have feature for any multiplayer game in 2023. You probably shouldn’t hold out any hopes that crossplay will be in this year’s game.

That covers what you need to know about the possibility of WWE 2K23 crossplay. For more on the game, why not check out our roundup of all you need to know ahead of the WWE 2K23 release date? We’ve got the full WWE 2K23 soundtrack and the WWE 2K23 ratings for each wrestler.