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WWE 2K22 community creations explained

Looking for an explanation and rundown of the different WWE 2K22 community creations? Here is everything you can create explained in detail

WWE 2K22 Community Creations: Seth Rollins can be seen on stage in an intro animation

WWE 2K22 is filled with different modes and experiences for players to check out. From the roster-building opportunities of MyFaction to the career mode on offer in My Rise. But, in addition to what Visual Concepts have created, there are a whole bunch of WWE 2K22 community creations to put together thanks to an extensive custom-creator suite on offer within the game.

From simple tasks like crafting your own entrance for your favourite wrestler to tough challenges like trying to put together a whole show, almost everything in WWE can be customised and it is sure to lead to some great creations from the community.

However, before you begin tweaking with the custom options available in WWE 2K22, you will want to get a good overview of what is available. So, continue reading for a summary of the different options for WWE 2K22 community creations.

WWE 2K22 Community Creations

WWE 2K22 has 10 different community creation options which can be uploaded online for other players to use anywhere in the world or used in your own custom brawls. These different categories of community creations are:

  • Superstars
  • Championships
  • Entrances
  • Victory Screens
  • Move-Sets
  • Arenas
  • Shows
  • Money In The Bank
  • Videos
  • Custom Matches

Superstars, custom images, arenas, championships, shows, move sets, and Money In The Bank events can all be uploaded to the WWE 2K22 servers for other people to download. Some uploads, like Arenas, can be included in other events as well as being able to be uploaded.

You can also share these community creations with other players using Hashtags which are combinations of words assigned to each creation, for example “Chair Bat Belt”. Other players can then enter a hashtag combination to immediately view and then download a creation.

Already, during the early access launch we have seen Superstar creations like Batman and He-Man and we only expect things to get even crazier from here.

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