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Will the Wolverine game be on PS4?

Will the Wolverine game be on PS4? Let's dive into Insomniac Games' upcoming Marvel adventure on PS5.

Wolverine's claws can be seen extending as he prepares to attack an enemy.

Marvel’s Wolverine is Insomniac Games’ upcoming take on the beloved superhero and excitement is high despite the limited official info. We all know the game is coming to PS5, but questions have been raised about whether a Wolverine PS4 version will be available as well for Sony’s last-generation consoles.

If it’s anything like Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 before it, then Marvel’s Wolverine could just be one of the best PS5 games or even one of the best games on any platform. While that remains to be seen, the Wolverine game is certainly one of the most exciting new PS5 games on the horizon; it’s no wonder players want a Wolverine PS4 version.

Will the Wolverine game be on PS4?

Marvel’s Wolverine will not be on PS4 as developer Insomniac Games has confirmed that the game is a PS5 exclusive.

Of course, we can look at titles like God of War Ragnarok and Gran Turismo 7, which weren’t originally announced for PS4 but have since launched Sony’s last-gen system. While this might give you hope that the Wolverine game will come to PS4, even if it’s much later down the line, it’s worth noting that Spider-Man 2 is still a PS5 exclusive. After all, the announcement that Wolverine would be a PS5 exclusive came alongside the news that Spider-Man 2 would be too.

In other words, Insomniac’s confirmation that Marvel’s Wolverine is a PS5 exclusive certainly sounds set in stone. We don’t recommend waiting for a Wolverine PS4 port that likely won’t ever come.

With Insomiac’s ambition and graphical prowess, it’s not surprising that Wolverine is focusing all-in on the PS5. After all, the extra power of the PS5, especially when it comes to the SSD, opens up lots of doors to the developer.

That covers what we know about Marvel’s Wolverine and whether it will have a PS4 port. Now all we have to do is wait for the Marvel’s Wolverine release date to roll around.