Will the Wolverine game be on PS4?

Will the Wolverine game be on PS4? Let's dive into Insomniac Games' upcoming adventure

Wolverine's claws can be seen extending as he prepares to attack an enemy.

Marvel’s Wolverine is Insomniac Games‘ upcoming take on the beloved superhero and despite only a very small teaser at the PlayStation Showcase in 2021, excitement is high. We all know the game is coming to PS5, but questions have been raised about the Wolverine game being on PS4 and whether or not we can expect it to hit Sony’s last-generation consoles.

Details are very scarce on Wolverine and Insomniac has confirmed that the game is in very early development, so we likely won’t see or hear more from the team for a while. But, we do know details about the chances of a PS4 release for the game.

Continue reading through this guide to have the question ‘will the Wolverine game be on PS4?’ answered and to find out what Insomniac Games has said about its work on the title so far.

Will the Wolverine game be on PS4?

The Wolverine Game will not be on PS4. Insomniac Games has confirmed that the the game is a PS5 exclusive.

Of course, we can look at titles like God of War Ragnarok and Gran Turismo 7, which weren’t originally announced for PS4 but are now releasing on Sony’s last gen system.

But, Marvel’s Wolverine is years away and by then we don’t expect Sony to still be supporting the PS4, so the chances of the game coming to PS4 are slim to none.

That covers what we know about Marvel’s Wolverine, answering the question ‘will the Wolverine game be on PS4?’. Stay up to date with the latest on the game including the Marvel’s Wolverine release date and take a look at some other upcoming PS5 games.