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The best Wo Long Fallen Dynasty builds

Master the five virtues and bring down tough bosses with these Wo Long Fallen Dynasty builds that will help you make the most of what is in the game.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Builds: Two people can be seen attacking an enemy

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a difficult game with a series of intricate combat systems to master, but players can make the process much easier by using the best Wo Long Fallen Dynasty builds. By blending particular weapons, spells, divine beasts and armour, you can put your best foot forward against tough late-game Wo Long Fallen Dynasty bosses like Zhang Liao and Liu Bei, as well as the many enemies hiding throughout the game’s labyrinthian open-world levels.

As part of our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty review, we spent a lot of time tweaking our loadout with the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty best spells, as well as trying out different gear combinations to figure out a series of builds to suit all kinds of playstyles. If you’re struggling to realise some of these builds, you may want to check out our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty level-up guide so you can pick up more stat points and improve your gear access.

The way the loot system works in Wo Long means that you’ll pick up countless weapons and armor pieces of varying quality as you play, each with different embedded stats, so it’s more about adapting what you have in your inventory to suit these builds. However, you can earn certain sets by completing your oath bond with a chosen companion or running certain missions, if you want to get specific pieces of kit. So, see the weapon and armor recommendations as mostly optional. With that in mind, let’s run through some of the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty best builds.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Builds: A person using a sword can be seen

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Deadly Debuff Build

Spells: Elemental Plague, Toxin Weapon, Spirit Fervor, Bursting Fireball
Divine Beast: Tengshe
Primary stats: Metal, Wood, Fire
Weapon: Triumphant Conquest
Armor Set: Tyrant Overlord

This is the build I used consistently throughout Wo Long’s campaign, and once I had developed it through the mid-game, I never hit any major roadblocks with it. This ‘Deadly Debuff’ build focuses on using negative elemental status effects and spells to break the spirit of your enemies and cause damage over time that lowers their health bar. The process is as follows: Activate Elemental Plague at the start of the battle, hurl a Bursting Fireball until the enemy is burning, and then apply Spirit Fervor and Toxin Weapon.

Rush in and go to town with speedy attacks (any weapon will do, but I used a cudgel). The enemy will usually have two negative status effects at this point, and the surplus Spirit afforded by Spirit Fervor will allow you to crush the rest of their gauge with Spirit Attacks and deflections. If the enemy resists Bursting Fireball you can always swap in Lightning Rush, another spell with a quick cast time.

When struggling against a lone target, I would swap out Spirit Fervor for Repression Crush, which makes enemies stay in the spirit disruption phase for longer. Focus Zone (which creates an area of amplified damage around you) is also useful here if you’re facing a mostly-static target. If the battle goes long, you may get access to your Divine Beast, Tengshe, who, by default, buffs status accumulation and spell damage, but when activated covers the floor in terrible poison that most enemies struggle to deal with. Perfect for neutralising groups of nimble attackers as well as hulking creatures.

Spend some time at the hidden village blacksmith embedding your favourite weapon and armor set (light/medium is best for this approach) with stats that increase effect accumulation, and as long as you’re good enough at deflecting to take care of yourself until the debuffs come rolling in, you should have an easier ride.

Optionally, farm for the full Tyrant Overlord set and wield the Triumphant Conquest Glaive to activate the ‘Renegade of the Heaven’s Will’ set bonus which increases Spirit Damage to enemies with negative effects.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Builds: People fighting a large creature can be seen

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Tenacious Tank Build

Spells: Guard Formation, Focus Zone, Sandsink, Rock Toughness
Divine Beast: Qilin
Primary Stats: Earth, Wood, Fire
Weapon: Curve-Headed Glaive
Armor Set: Dauntless Tiger Servant

This build provides a fine balance of dealing and taking damage. You’ll still have to deflect of course, but it focuses on controlling enemies and mitigating the power of their attacks, which takes a lot of the pressure off. To make the most of it, run into a group of enemies, use Rock Toughness to protect yourself and then Sandsink to force them towards you. While Rock Toughness is wearing off, use Guard Formation and Focus Zone to create areas of effect that amplify damage and defence around you. Then it’s just a case of getting up close and personal, managing deflections with attack combos to turn your foes into mincemeat. After some time you should get access to Divine Beast Qilin, which lowers spirit consumption and damage taken in perfect condition by default, which is great for when you’re setting up the spells.

Once ready to activate, use Qilin to raise deadly Rock Pillars around you that disorient enemies. For a more defensive Divine Beast, use Qinglong, as the activated effect strengthens everyone nearby and revives allies. Enhanced Defence is a good stand-in spell in the early game, and Illusionary Shell is the best defence spell if you’re able to pump 40 points into the Earth Phase. Optionally, seek out the Dauntless Tiger Servant set and the Curve-Headed Glaive, as the set bonus lowers damage taken in perfect condition, as well as damage received across the board.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Builds: A person using spells can be seen


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Hidden Blade Build

Spells: Unseeable Form, Amplify Damage, Aqua Blink, Obscuring Frost
Divine Beast: Baize
Primary Stats: Water, Fire, Metal
Weapon: Hook Blades of King Helu
Armor Set: Stalwart Tiger Servant

This build is perfect if you want to play as a deadly rogue with incredible stealth, speed and critical attack capabilities. You can start by using Unseeable Form to disguise yourself, and then Amplify Damage before you go in for a Fatal Attack. Feel free to lay down some Obscuring Frost too so your enemies can’t target properly.

Once you’re in the thick of it, Aqua Blink is perfect for jumping around and avoiding deadly combos. Other spells that work well with this build are Alacrity Haste for pure speed, and the elemental weapon spells like Ice or Toxin Weapon to get a debuff going. Life Wither is also great for further amplifying damage, and high-level AOE skills like Engulfing Inferno or Thorny Ground work wonderfully when you’re invisible and can open battle proceedings with a deadly environmental attack.

If you love the idea of sneaking around and getting the drop on enemies with tactical flanking and opening a battle with a killer critical hit, this one is for you. Optionally, you can also seek out the Stalwart Tiger Servant armor set and the Hook Blades of King Helu. The set bonus gives you extra stealth, fatal strike damage, and increases spirit gain from attacks, so you’ll be even more of a force to be reckoned with.

With that, you should have a solid set of the best Wo Long Fallen Dynasty builds to mess around with depending on your preferred playstyle across the action game genre. Remember that when it comes to weapons and armor, the build is less rigid, as it will depend on what loot you’ve managed to find across your adventure. Put your best foot forward and be sure to use the embedding system to further increase the power of each build. For more on Wo Long, check out our guide to Wo Long Fallen Dynasty multiplayer.