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Secretlab’s new Valorant chair comes with its own Riot Gun Buddy

The Valorant Riot Gun Buddy is one of the most sought after in-game items in all of gaming - now you can get one in real life with this Secretlab chair

Valorant Riot Gun Buddy Secretlab chair: A Riot Gun Buddy imposed over blurred splash art of Valorant agents

In Valorant, there is no item more sought after than the Riot Gun Buddy. This weapon charm featuring the fistbump logo of Riot Games is highly-desirable and rare, and the obsession with obtaining one has become the source of both memes and scams. However, what if we told you that there’s now a way to get your own Valorant Riot Gun Buddy in real life?

Gaming chair maker Secretlab has had countless limited edition collaborations in the past, and its latest is a Valorant-themed chair that now comes with its own Riot Gun Buddy.

Underneath the seat of the chair is a slot to attach your complimentary Riot Gun Buddy, but it can also be detached to take with you wherever you want to go.

The new Secretlab Valorant chair is available for pre-order now, starting at $449. There are also matching lumbar support pillows and desk accessories for those wanting to Valorant-ify their entire setup.

For those wondering, no, it doesn’t also come with an in-game version of the gun buddy – those are still very much a rare and exclusive commodity.

In Valorant, Riot Gun Buddies can only be given out by Riot employees who encounter good sportsmanship and behaviour while playing with you in the competitive FPS game.

This announcement comes soon after Riot revealed Valorant Premier, a new competitive mode above ranked play that gives top players the chance to assemble teams, compete in tournaments, and potentially be scouted by teams competing in Valorant esports.