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Valorant dev confirms that Riot is “working on Phoenix”

A Valorant Phoenix rework might be on the cards after a developer confirmed that Riot is "working on" the duelist. They also hint at a Cypher rework too

Valorant Phoenix rework rumours: two screenshots showing Valorant agent Phoenix

In Valorant, Phoenix is a lonely figure. Despite being a day-one Valorant agent, the fiery duelist has a dismal pick rate and is so unloved right now that he was the only agent to not be picked at all during last month’s VCT Masters tournament in Reykjavik. However, if you’re one of those that have been crying out for some buffs or an entire Phoenix rework in Valorant for some time, there may be good times ahead.

During a Valorant Reddit AMA with the game’s character development team, one developer has seemingly confirmed that Phoenix is getting some much needed love behind the scenes. In response to a question about potential Phoenix buffs, character producer John Goscicki delivers what will be music to many players’ ears.

“Upfront, yes we are working on Phoenix,” he says, “but it is too early for us to talk about details of what it may entail. Right now we want to take the time to explore everything between [a number of] tweaks to something more, unfortunately we do not have a solid ETA on that, and we want to take the time to find the right long-term place for Phoenix.”

While light on details, the news that Phoenix is being looked at for future improvements will be encouraging for fans of the agent. Whether this will come in the form of a few buffs or a full blown rework – as Valorant recently did with Yoru – is up in the air, but with the worst pick rate in all of Valorant right now, any improvement will be welcomed.

Later in the AMA, another member of the character development team suggests that Valorant’s least-picked Sentinel is also being considered for some tweaks alongside Phoenix.

“Cypher is in a similar situation [to Phoenix],” says agent designer Jay Watford. “We aren’t prepared to share details or dates but he is definitely on our radar.”

While Riot will continue to pump out exciting new agents for you to climb the Valorant ranks with, it appears that it will always still look out for its OG agents that find themselves sat on the sidelines in the current meta.