Valorant patch notes 3.03: Viper ultimate fix, crosshair changes, and more

The latest Valorant patch notes are here, but they look vastly different to the ones we were promised. Due to to “unforseen circumstances” the Yoru changes expected by now have been indefinitely delayed while Riot Games works on resources. Still, there’s plenty of changes in the Valorant patch notes 3.03 to sink your teeth into.

The first major change comes to Viper and her ultimate – and well, Viper mains aren’t going to like it. Riot says it accidentally shipped a bug in 3.01 that caused her Viper’s Pit to start forming around the cursor point and not around her, and it’s now been removed. “It’s important that her team pays the cost of securing ground before she can place her ult, as opposed to being able to cast it forward into areas without giving up her position,” Riot says.

Elsewhere, the developer has made changes to Valorant crosshairs. Now players can turn on advanced options to customise ADS crosshair and sniper scope center dot. You can also save and switch between multiple crosshairs – perfect if you like playing different agents from our Valorant tier list in Valorant ranked at any given time.

Those are the two headline changes in the Valorant update, but you’ll be glad to know that as of this patch, you can now shoot through Radianite Crates with appropriate weapons and detach yourself from ziplines at any point.

You can read the full patch notes here.