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Valorant patch 5.10 notes bring in-game auto-muting for toxic players

The Valorant patch 5.10 notes have arrived, and developer Riot Games has started to implement a new system that will combat text-based abuse in the FPS game

Valorant patch 5.10 notes Real Time Text Evaluation: Brimstone

Valorant developer Riot Games has announced that it will finally begin rolling out a new update to help combat text-based abuse in-game. The Real Time Text Evaluation system will make its debut on the FPS game’s NA’s servers, before expanding to more regions “in the near future”.

“In addition to our existing interventions, we are launching a new feature to begin muting players in chat who send disruptive text messages in game”, the Valorant patch 5.10 notes read. “Interventions for disruptive text will now be applied sooner rather than later as we continue updating our systems to evaluate more types of text communication.”

The feature was originally revealed in February’s ‘Valorant systems health series – voice and chat toxicity’ blog, which noted that, while automatic detection of “zero tolerance” words was already implemented, punishments were only doled out post-game when it was too late to make a real impact.

Similarly, over in Valorant’s MOBA game cousin, League of Legends, Riot released an identical feature in October’s LoL patch 12.20. As such, with the tech already established in another of Riot’s titles, we can’t imagine it’ll take too long for Real Time Text Evaluation to release globally.

For now, at least, NA players should feel more comfortable entering a lobby, knowing that unruly players won’t be able to abuse them in text chat. Of course, this leaves much work to do in the voice chat department, though Riot stated back in February’s blog that work was already underway on a voice evaluation system.

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