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Valorant players already find ultimate counter to Iso’s Kill Contract

If you're already struggling against new Valorant agent Iso and his Kill Contract ultimate ability, here's the best counter so far.

Valorant Iso Kill Contract counter: an image of Iso with Yoru behind him

Riot Games’ new Valorant agent Iso is a force to be reckoned with and a firm favorite among fans. However, whether you’re skilled Duelist player or not, there’s one thing you need to watch out for when you’re using the Valorant Iso ultimate ability Kill Contract. It might not always trigger on an actual enemy player. That does, though, mean that Yoru is a fantastic counter-pick right now.

If there’s one thing keeping Riot Games’ Valorant among the best FPS games available at the moment, it’s the fact that the whole thing is a lot more tactical than you might first think. Like Apex Legends, and other ‘hero shooters’, the agent abilities you have access to in Valorant elevate the experience on offer and give you more options – and access to new strategies – in every firefight.

With new Valorant agent Iso perfectly poised to shake-up the meta, with his ultimate ability allowing players to pull their enemies into a one-versus-one duel, it’s easy to see why he could quickly become one of the best Valorant agents available. It might seem like a rather simple new strategic option for players to take advantage of, but it’s an effective one which – at least at a glance – is difficult to counter.

However, thankfully, Valorant players online are starting to realize that fellow Duelist agent Yoru could be the perfect counter to Iso and his isolating ultimate ability. Yes, we just got that the name “Iso” could be a reference to the fact that his ultimate “isolates” enemies, too. While this new Valorant update buffs Cypher and nerfs Raze, Yoru remains largely untouched – at least for now.

So, as it stands, you can actually trigger Iso’s ultimate ability Kill Contract with a Yoru decoy, which is created with his Fakeout basic ability. This is one pitfall you need to be acutely aware of when playing as Iso; although, it’s also a useful trick for Yoru players to use when going up against the new Duelist – both a way to bait them into the open, and into wasting Kill Contract on a decoy.

You can steal Yoru’s fake out with Iso’s ult.
byu/tomyfookinmerlin inVALORANT

Yoru’s Fakeout is also something that could be used to protect you – or, of course, your teammates – from Iso’s Kill Contract, if used correctly. The ultimate ability itself sees Iso players “hurl a column of energy through the battlefield” that triggers the one-versus-one duel with the first enemy it hits – including Yoru’s decoy. So, if you’re quick enough, you can use Yoru’s Fakeout to actively counter Iso’s Kill Contract and save yourself the trouble of a close-quarters firefight.

Iso players will, though, have a temporary shield when leaving the Kill Contract arena, something that should prevent camping. However, you should still be able to catch any Iso player falling for this trap a little unaware and secure the kill.

You may, though, want to check you’re using one of the best Valorant crosshair codes before you go into your next game – especially if you’re someone who likes keeping their distance. We can’t imagine Iso players are going to wait around after exiting the Kill Contract arena, and you’ll need to make sure you’re pouncing on them quick. Recent Valorant leaks reveal a new weapon, however, which should give players a decent long-range option at a middling price. Although, that’s not going to arrive for a few months yet.