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Speculation ends as Disguised Toast Valorant team roster is announced

Twitch and OfflineTV star Disguised Toast took to Twitter to reveal who would be representing Disguised in the VCL NA Open Qualifiers

Disguised Toast Valorant team roster: Disguised Toast wearing a jean jacket, with Split in the background

After a host of speculation over the past couple of months, the players constituting Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang’s Valorant team – ‘Disguised’, otherwise known as ‘DSG’ – have finally been revealed by the Twitch star.

As announced by Toast on Twitter, the full Disguised Toast Valorant team roster features Drake ‘Exalt’ Branly, Amgalan ‘Genghsta’ Nemekhbayar, Damion ‘XXiF’ Cook, Joseph ‘clear’ Allen, and former T1 IGL Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan. The team will be coached by Kyle ‘OCEAN’ O’Brien, who previously worked with Exalt, Genghsta, and XXiF at Knights.

Toast says that DSG will be making its debut in the upcoming Valorant Challengers NA Open Qualifier – the new-look Tier-2 circuit that could see his squad make it into the Valorant Champions Tour itself should it progress to, and emerge victorious from, the Ascension tournament held at the end of the VCL calendar year.

Toast originally showed interest in signing a team over on Twitter back in October, garnering a number of responses from talent looking to get a fresh break in Valorant’s second tier. By the end of November, he was in talks with potential signings.

Disguised Toast Valorant team roster: DSG in Paint

Though it’s early days for DSG, we’re excited to see how far this talented team of players can get, despite only being together for a short time.