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Valorant devs comment on chances of Netflix series like Arcane

If you're wondering whether Riot Games' Valorant is going to get the same treatement as League of Legends with Netflix's Arcane, here's what you need to know

Valorant devs Netflix animation Arkane: an image of Killjoy from the FPS game

We know this is something of an obvious statement to those in the know, but Netflix’ League of Legends-based animated series Arcane is, without a doubt, one of the best pieces of video game media we’ve seen so far. Produced by Riot Games, this series is praised for its’ art style, the performances of its’ cast, and the weight of its’ narrative. It was, without a doubt, a fantastic win for League of Legends fans. However, nowadays, LoL isn’t the only character-rich video game Riot Games has up its’ sleeves – and quite a few fans are wondering the same thing when it comes to this studio’s second-biggest game. During a developer stream ahead of the Valorant Episode 6 release time, several Riot Games devs were asked if Valorant fans could expect to see one of the best competitive FPS game get the “Arcane treatment” in the future – and here’s what they had to say.

When asked about a Valorant-based animated series by the stream’s host, creative director David Nottingham was quick to explain that the development team is “hyper-focused” on Valorant, right now.

Yeah, we know that isn’t great news for fans of Arcane and Valorant. However, Nottingham does go on to detail what Riot Games is doing with Valorant right now – while also expressing interest in the idea of an animated series based on the shooter.

“All we can say is… We’ve built a world where we feel like we have characters and stories… there’s so much more beneath layer than what we’ve revealed so far. Right now, this amazing video game is where we’re hyper-focused and we love playing within that canvas.”

You can check out a Twitch clip of this statement below:

As you can see, this statement was followed by a teasing “but, you know”; however, that doesn’t mean anything is in the works. We don’t know which agent on our Valorant tier list would lead the series, if there was to be one, or what it would be about.

One thing that is interesting, and important to note, is the fact that the Valorant narrative team are more than happy to entertain these questions. Why? Well, as video director Tim Lembke points out, because that means they’re creating characters that feel real – and characters people want to see in television shows.

So, while we can’t sit down and watch a slick animation while we’re trying to climb the Valorant ranks, it’s clearly something on the developer’s minds – and something they’d love to see happen in the future. Just, don’t expect it anytime soon.