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Valorant custom crosshair colours coming soon, claims leaker

Custom crosshair colours are coming to Valorant in a future update, a reliable leaker for the tactical FPS game has claimed on social media

Valorant crosshair custom colours: A selection of agents includin KAY-O and Jett feature in a Valorant splash art

Valorant is reportedly going to give players more customisation when it comes to their crosshairs, a prominent leaker has claimed. Riot Games is apparently planning to ditch the measly eight colour presets and branch out to give you full colour customisation.

While you can currently craft the perfect shape for your best Valorant crosshair, you’re sadly limited to just those preset colours. However, ValorLeaks claims that those days will soon be behind you, as you’ll be able to set your own custom colour “in the future”.

It’s currently unclear exactly how colour customisation is going to expand – Riot could just add loads more preset colours in to give players more choice, or we could get access to a fully-customisable system with hex codes or RGB sliders to pick the exact tone or shade of colour you want for your crosshair. ValorLeaks also gives no indication of how far away this long-requested feature is from being implemented.

As noted by Dot Esports, players that have gotten fed up with waiting for this feature have managed to create their own custom crosshair colours using third-party software, although this does come with risks as these are not Riot-endorsed softwares.

Earlier this year, Riot made it easier to share custom crosshairs between players with the addition of share codes, which made it much easier to replicate crosshairs if players came across one they liked the look of.

Hopefully, we’ll get some official information on this upcoming feature soon. In the meantime, check out our Valorant tier list to see which agents are running the meta right now.