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CDPR announces five Witcher games and hints at multiplayer action

CD Projekt Red has just sent The Witcher community into a spin, revealing a trilogy of mainline games, two spin-offs, and a move towards more multiplayer action

The Witcher multiplayer: Geralt looks into the eyes of a blonde-haired woman

CD Projekt Red has revealed plans for five different projects based around The Witcher franchise during its most recent strategy update. This includes an all new trilogy of mainline games (starting with The Witcher 4), a mysterious spinoff to be created by a third-party studio, and a game developed by CDPR’s The Molasses Flood studio that will target a “broader audience” with both single-player and multiplayer elements.

As well as officially announcing a Cyberpunk 2077 sequel and a brand new IP that is yet to begin proper development, the news that there will be five games in The Witcher universe in the future is arguably the star of the show.

While we already knew that The Witcher 4 was a thing, the news that it will start an entirely new trilogy may come as a surprise to some fans of the series, even though it was hinted at by CDPR in a past call with its investors. It was also announced that all three of these games are planned to be released in a “six-year publishing window”, with The Witcher 5 and 6 (for want of official names) being “ based on the [technological] foundation” of The Witcher 4.

Then there is the game being created by The Molasses Flood, codenamed Project Sirius. While CDPR doesn’t really reveal much in the way of genre, it says: “Compared to existing CD Projekt Red games, this one targets a much broader audience. Sirius will include single-player and multiplayer gameplay.”

One of CDPR’s key aims, according to its strategy update, is to “enrich” its single-player offerings with multiplayer experiences. While it doesn’t explicitly say which future CDPR games are going to get this “enrichment”, a tweet does say “most of” its upcoming single-player games will have multiplayer elements, and an image from The Witcher series is posted next to it.

Finally, the fifth Witcher game to be revealed is shrouded in even more mystery. Project Canis Majoris is a “full-fledged release set in The Witcher universe”, but will be developed externally by an unnamed developer. However, CDPR assures that the development team consists of “ experienced developers who have previously worked on Witcher games”. It will also use the technological tools being used to make The Witcher 4 on Unreal Engine 5. We now know this is a remake of the original Witcher game and you can learn more about The Witcher Remake release date right here.

Is that enough Witcher for you? We sure hope so (and so do CDPR, probably).

You can watch the full strategy update above, or you can read CDPR’s strategy document here.