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The Quarry Map - an overview of Hackett’s Quarry

Looking for a full bird's eye look at The Quarry's map? Here are the key places to explore in Hackett's Quarry and the surrounding area.

The Quarry Map: The firepit can be seen on the shoreline

The Quarry’s map is one of the biggest that Supermassive has ever incorporated into one of their horror games. There are 15 different explorable locations to visit within the quarry itself. Some of those are focused around the core camp facilities, while others are on the outskirts of the quarry, such as the island and the original excavation site for the quarry.

But, before you begin exploring it is a good idea to get acquainted with each of the locations that are available in The Quarry so you can plan out which areas you want to return to later on via chapter select. The menu which shows the map also displays which individuals that are in each of the locations, so you can get a better idea of where everyone is and when.

Below, you can see the full overview of The Quarry’s map, which you can use before you begin your game or while you are playing.

The Quarry Map Overview

The Quarry map can be seen below which showcases some key areas like the boathouse and Island in the south and the Lodge which is in the centre of the map.

In the north, you can find the camp cabins and the radio tower, while the lodge is in the east. Some of the later sections of the game, such as the Excavation Site and the main house can be seen in the far west. The scrap site, which is a very late-game area can’t be seen in the birds-eye view image of the map, as it is so far to the east of the main lodge and cabins.

The Quarry Map: Hackett's Quarry can be seen in full

The first two acts of the game mostly centre around the eastern and northern parts of the map, while the game slowly expands to the south. Then, act 3 almost entirely takes place in the western section of the map.

For more on the game, including an overview of the length of The Quarry so you know how long it will take you to get through the game and see all these areas of the map, check out our other tips for the game.