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The Quarry length – how long to beat the game

Looking to know the answer to the question how long is The Quarry? Well we have the estimated The Quarry length for you right here

The Quarry Length How Long To Beat: Multiple characters can be seen looking scared in a cave

Supermassive Games has had a pretty consistent record when it comes to the length of their games. Until Dawn took you about 10 hours to beat, while The Dark Pictures games have come in just under that at around a half-a-dozen hours. But, what is The Quarry length and how long will it take to beat?

Well, despite the game not being out yet, we actually have a pretty accurate idea of long it will take you to get through one playthrough of the choice-based horror game. And, much like the studio’s other titles, the length won’t surprise you too much, although there will be plenty of opportunities to see different outcomes and reach entirely different scenarios.

So, continue reading for The Quarry length, and some extra details about replayability that should help you get an idea of how long it will take to beat The Quarry.

The Quarry length

The Quarry will take about 10 hours to beat for a normal playthrough. This comes from Will Byles, the game’s director, who spoke with IGN.

This 10-hour playtime is an estimation from Byles, so it may take some players less time or a little longer depending on if they happen to accidentally or intentionally kill off their characters earlier in the story.

According to Byles, there are different cards that depict the conclusion of each character’s journey and their different outcomes. These cards will be given at the end of a playthrough encouraging replayability.

That covers everything we know about The Quarry’s length right now. Closer to launch we will have a better idea of how long it will take completionists to fully play the game and how long it will take to see all the endings.

But, for now, you can check out who is staring in-game with our full The Quarry voice actors and cast list.