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LOTR Gollum Precious Edition brings more Elvish “mellons” to the party

Daedalic Entertainment's The Lord of the Rings Gollum is getting a Precious Edition that ships with a fantastic-sounding Sindarin VO expansion DLC for the game.

Lord of the Rings Gollum Precious Edition Sinadrin VO Expansion: an image of the Mouth of Sauron from the LOTR game

Daedalic Entertainment’s journey into the depths of Middle-earth during the Third Age is almost here and now publisher Nacon has unveiled the Lord of the Rings Gollum Precious Edition – yes, it’s really called that – and a whole host of goodies for players looking to splash the cash on this upcoming stealth-action adventure. Interestingly, one of those goodies is a Sindarin VO Expansion – something that die-hard Tolkien fans will love.

As you may already be somewhat familiar with, Daedalic Entertainment’s Gollum game focuses on the twisted creature we see throughout the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit in a story set around eight years prior to the War of the Ring. Set between the two stories, it sounds as though this game is going to follow Gollum during his time under the Dark Tower and the Elves of Mirkwood. We don’t know too many details, but this never-before-explored area of his life is certain to be wrought with danger and intrigue – for fans of this world, it’s going to be a treat.

And, as much as it sounds like we’re trying to sell you on the aforementioned Precious Edition, this really does sound like a fantastic collection of additional content for the core game – if you have the capital.

As mentioned above, the Precious Edition of Lord of the Rings Gollum comes with a Sindarin VO Expansion pack; this introduces additional voice-acting for the game’s Elves in the Elvish tongue of Sindarin – something you would have heard throughout Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy from characters like Legolas, Aragorn, Galadriel, and Haldir (just to name a few).

For fans of Middle-earth, this really is going to be a treat – and we can only imagine that it’s going to improve the experience substantially.

Lord of the Rings Gollum Precious Edition Sindarin VO Expansion: an image of the bundle for the LOTR game

However, that’s not all this Precious Edition is going to offer. It has been revealed that this version of the game will include over 100 original sketches (and development secrets) in the form of concept art alongside a lore compendium, and an album of the soundtrack.

If you pre-order this version of the game, or the standard edition, before the Lord of the Rings Gollum release date, you’ll also get your hands on an emote pack. So, it’s definitely worth looking into. Digitally, this version of the game is only around $10 USD more than the standard edition – however, you’ll need to check your local retailer for information on physical versions of the Precious Edition.

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We don’t know if this is going to be one of the best PS5 games or best Xbox games when it drops, but it’s going to be a lot of fun for Lord of the Rings fans – just on lore alone.