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The Callisto Protocol how to heal

You won’t last long without being knowledgeable on surviving, so here’s how to heal in The Callisto Protocol so you can live another day

The Callisto Protocol how to heal: Jacob going against a monster

There’s lots of monsters and terrifying creatures waiting for you on Callisto, and knowing how to heal in The Callisto Protocol could save your life. When you’re being attacked from all angles, running low on ammo, and dealing with a mob of seemingly unhappy horrors, it can be difficult to figure out how to boost your health back up.

Fortunately, we have all of the information on healing in The Callisto Protocol. So, before we go on with the answer, make sure you have The Callisto Protocol’s best upgrades, and find out The Callisto Protocol length to see how much longer you have to deal with these terrible creatures.

How to heal in The Callisto Protocol

You can heal in The Callisto Protocol in two ways, these being:

  • Pressing down on the D-Pad to use a Health Injector
  • Find Health Gel on dead enemies or around the environment

You can only use a Health Injector so long as you have one in your inventory. Health Gel is more commonly found throughout each area of The Callisto Protocol, they don’t provide the larger heal like Health Injectors do.

If you’re hoping to stock up on Health Injectors before your next encounter with Black Iron Prison’s monstrous residents, you can craft them for 500 Callisto Credits in the Reforge. That being said, if you seem to be running low, you may need to find out how to get more of The Callisto Protocol’s Callisto Credits. They can also be found in Chests in the world and occasionally on the corpses of dead enemies. To find Health Gel you may need to smash some glass cabinets or look around the environment to find small packs of the gel.

Now you know how to heal in The Callisto Protocol, it’s worth looking for The Callisto Protocol secret rooms, and we have where to find them to help you out. While you’re looking for Health Gel, you should also look for The Callisto Protocol Implants whenever you can which provide some extra context on the prisoners and workers at Black Iron and our other guides in our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough article.