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Does The Callisto Protocol have early access?

If you’re hoping to experience the horrors of Black Iron Prison sooner, you may wonder if The Callisto Protocol has early access offers

The Callisto Protocol Early Access: Jacob in Truth of Black Iron trailer

Black Iron Prison is likely the only horrific place that many people want to go to right now and many may hope that you can play The Callisto Protocol in early access. Those who love horror may want to get the nightmare over and done with sooner, especially to avoid spoilers.

As The Callisto Protocol release date is upon us, you’ll likely be wanting to get to meet The Callisto Protocol cast and witness the horrors of the game before other players. However, can you enter the gates of Black Iron Prison sooner than the launch date?

Does The Callisto Protocol have early access?

No, there’s no early access bonus for The Callisto Protocol. While players on PlayStation will get 48-hours early access to a future story DLC, you’ll have to wait until the release date to play the game. However, those on Xbox consoles can use the New Zealand trick for a few extra hours with the game.

If you’re unaware of the New Zealand trick for Xbox, here’s how to do this trick:

  • Go to Settings
  • Head to the System tab
  • Select Language and Location
  • Set location to New Zealand
  • Restart your console

We will update this article once we have launch times for the game in each region.

Unfortunately, this is the only way to have The Callisto Protocol early access, otherwise it is a waiting game. For those who have Xbox Game Pass too, you may be wondering if The Callisto Protocol will be on Game Pass. Also, make sure to find out The Callisto Protocol length to see how long it will take to beat the game!