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Is The Callisto Protocol on Xbox Game Pass?

Scares, gore, and action await in this sci-fi horror game, but will PC and/or Xbox players see The Callisto Protocol on Game Pass?

The Callisto Protocol Game Pass: Close up of Jacob

All eyes are on The Callisto Protocol, the debut game from Striking Distance Studios. This newly formed studio, led by game industry veteran Glen Schofield, is set to release the game soon, and everyone is looking forward to traversing the blood-soaked walls of Black Iron Prison. However, will The Callisto Protocol be on Game Pass?

As The Callisto Protocol release date is here, many of you will hope that there’s a way to play the game without paying the full price. In fact, any of you with an active Game Pass subscription may be wondering whether this Dead Space inspired game was released alongside other December Game Pass games.

Is The Callisto Protocol on Game Pass?

Unfortunately, The Callisto Protocol is not on Game Pass at launch. In an interview with TrueAchievements, Striking Distance Studios’ CTO, Mark James, suggests that Game Pass is a “difficult” service for a single-player linear game to launch on, at least from a third-party.

While Mark James did add in the same interview that they’re not “saying never” in regards to the game joining the subscription service, it’s unlikely that the game will arrive for some time. The Callisto Protocol also has some PlayStation exclusive benefits, like 48-hours early access to the story DLC. So, that might push back any chance of it coming to Game Pass even more.

This will be bad news for anyone hoping that you could play The Callisto Protocol on Game Pass, but there’s plenty of games to enjoy by looking at our full Game Pass games list. If you’re still going to purchase a copy of the latest horror game, make sure to find out The Callisto Protocol length to see how long it takes to beat.