Does Street Fighter 6 have rollback netcode in online?

Are you curious if Street Fighter 6 has Rollback? Well, here is what Capcom have said and everything you need to know about how online works

Street Fighter 6 Rollback: Chun-Li can be seen parrying Ryu

Capcom has already confirmed Street Fighter 6 crossplay, but will another key feature be coming to the game? That feature: rollback netcode. While the last game in the series had rollback netcode, many players are hoping that if Street Fighter 6 rollback netcode is in the game it will be a lot better.

Street Fighter 6 is coming out seven years after the last game and in that time multiplayer games have changed a lot. And, multiplayer fighting games rely on good online in a post-COVID-19 world and rollback netcode provides that with the game predicting what attacks players will do and then seeing if it matches up with what actually happened when the connection links back up between the two players. If it does, the fight continues as normal, but if it doesn’t the characters will auto-correct to the right moves.

So, does Street Fighter 6 have rollback netcode online? And, if so will it use Street Fighter 5’s poor version of it?

Does Street Fighter 6 have rollback netcode in online?

Street Fighter 6 does have rollback netcode in its online multiplayer modes, as confirmed by multiple content creators and journalists at Summer Game Fest Play Days. This will hopefully mean that the game’s online multiplayer is stable and actually playable come the game’s launch.

In an interview with IGN, director Takayuki Nakayama confirmed that the game will also not use the version of rollback netcode that was in Street Fighter 5. The last game’s netcode was notably not great and Nakayama said that “This is something that they’re [the team are] building from scratch, again. There’s a lot of effort being put into the development of the netcode.”

This sounds a lot better than the solution for Street Fighter 5 and it’s great to see such an effort being put into a feature that is key to almost any online fighting game in the modern era. So, with Street Fighter 6 rollback, your online fights in the Fighting Ground and Battle Hub should be some of the most stable in the series, netting you some wins, providing you have the skill to come out on top.