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Is Street Fighter 6 on Game Pass?

Find out if a Street Fighter 6 Game Pass release is planned and if you can play the next iteration of the series through the service on Xbox and PC.

Street Fighter 6 Game Pass: Ryu can be seen

With Capcom on a winning streak, unlike they have ever seen before, you may be wondering if you can grab Street Fighter 6 on Game Pass. After all, Capcom has had a few releases hit the service and with such a high-profile title, that has been reviewed well, it would be a big boon for the service.

So far 2023 has been pretty weak and quiet for Game Pass, lacking the consistent drop of big titles we saw in 2022. But, there have still been a few big releases onto the service this year. Is Street Fighter 6 one of them?

Is Street Fighter 6 on Game Pass?

Street Fighter 6 is not available on Game Pass. Capcom hasn’t announced the game coming to the service for Xbox or PC. There is a chance it could come to the service for Xbox and PC in the future as other Capcom games have been on Game Pass including Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and the upcoming Exoprimal

We don’t think this is too likely as PlayStation has had a pretty big lock on fighting games for years at this point and Capcom has slowly become more and more affiliated with the platform. But, if it does happen, it likely won’t be for a year or more, so if you are desperate to play, you will want to pick up the game.

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That covers if there is a Street Fighter 6 Game Pass release planned. If you are going to pick up the game instead of waiting for it to hit the service, then be sure to check out our Street Fighter 6 tier list to see who you should pick up and play online and our Street Fighter 6 review to see why the World Tour mode is a game changer.