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Stellar Blade monsters started life as hand-crafted clay

Developer Shift Up has an unusual way of developing concept art for its grisly monsters and that's by going hands on with clay first

If you watched the last State of Play showcase, then you’ll no doubt remember Stellar Blade’s appearance. The new PS5 exclusive, which used to go by the name Project Eve, is a hack and slash game with plenty of big baddies to sink your teeth into. Except these big baddies have had a rather unusual start to life.

Instead of crafting the Stellar Blade monsters in-engine, developer Shift Up has decided to go back to basics, crafting their concept art by hand as models first. This allows them to refine the smallest detail before then 3D scanning them for the game.

And honestly, this just makes Shift Up’s creations even more impressive. As you can see from the last trailer, the South Korean developer is really trying to create some Bloodborne-like nightmare fuel, with monsters that have thorny sides, big teeth, and contorted figures.

This process has been going on for a while too. Shift Up first shared a photo of one of their sculptures, which shows a monster with an angelic looking head poking out of a cylinder of teeth, way back in September 2021.

The designs are so intricate that, following the State of Play showcase, players have already begun asking for replica statues to be included in a Collector’s Edition of the game.

But with the Stellar Blade release date set for sometime next year, fans might be waiting a little longer than they hoped for a slice of this burgeoning nightmare.