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The Stellar Blade demo is hiding more enemies, but there’s a catch

Featuring gorgeous new areas and challenging enemies to defeat, the Stellar Blade demo sports a wealth of content behind its invisible walls on PS5.

Stellar Blade demo out of bounds: a young woman with short brunette hair

Many of us have had the pleasure of liberating the city of Eidos 7 since the Stellar Blade demo dropped on PS5 at the end of March. However, one player has been able to experience much more from Shift Up’s iteration of a fictionalized Earth, navigating their way out of bounds. And by the looks of things, there’s a whole host of Naytiban beasties and more yet to discover.

Having initially highlighted the possibility of scaling a ladder and getting out of the PS5 exclusive’s intended boundaries – at least for the demo – Redditor ‘YungZexion’ got to work unearthing the secret technique required. After the best part of two days, the poster managed to orchestrate their escape from the RPG game’s invisible walls.

After breaking free, likely causing the devs at Shift Up a very large headache in the process, YungZexion was treated to a bounty of new areas to explore and new enemies – including some sort of shielded hammerhead-horse-dog-thing (a Hammerhog?) – to beat seven bells out of.

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From the screenshots offered up by the Redditor, we can see that Eidos 7 is quite the amalgam of cultures. In one image, we see a metro station emblazoned with Cyrillic letters, while what looks like the Empire State Building can be spotted in the background. The city is, in this writer’s humble opinion, absolutely stunning – April 26 can’t come soon enough.

You can check out all of YungZexion’s findings here.

Unfortunately, there’s no sure-fire method for recreating YungZexion’s feat just yet. Though they’re not quite sure how to replicate their escape, the poster highlighted the fact that they were able to ignore the new PS5 game’s last cutscene and continue their journey. For now, then, you’ll have to play the demo the way the devs intended. Though, from my playthrough, there’s a more than sufficient quantity of content to be getting stuck into.

If you haven’t had the chance to pilot Eve and her assortment of costumes just yet, then be sure to do so before the full game drops. Your saved data will carry over, so you won’t have to repeat the first boss encounter of what is shaping up to be one of the year’s best games – result.

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