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This cunning Starfield stealth build makes combat “like Dishonored”

Starfield combat presents unique ways to deal with Spacers, and this excellent Starfield stealth build is one of the best you'll see in the Bethesda RPG.

starfield stealth build

When there isn’t a time for smooth dialogue choices in Starfield, getting out of trouble can be tricky. Rather than go into combat guns blazing, you can invest in your Starfield skills to turn your character into an interstellar super spy. This Starfield stealth build is agile, precise, and undoubtedly one of the best Starfield builds you’ll see out there.

Combining the otherworldly Starfield powers with movement that would make Call of Duty players smile, YouTuber ‘Benjaming_Winters’ declares that “this is how you play stealth in Starfield.” As you can see in the thrilling clip below, the YouTuber utilizes powers such as Grav Dash, Gravity Wave to get the jump on his enemies, eliminating them with nothing more than a handgun and a melee weapon.

Starfield’s combat is a noticeable step-up for Bethesda, specifically when it comes to gun play. With some assistance from iD Software behind the scenes, it is no surprise that this is why firefights feel better to engage in. This stealth build brings attention to this, but also sheds light on movement mechanics like the slide, which can be acquired by unlocking level 1 of the Gymnastics skill.

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Though the YouTuber doesn’t detail what weapons or Starfield armor makes up his build, we can speculate the YouTuber uses the following:

  • Suppressed Refined XM-2311
  • Spacesuit with Chameleon trait (EG Epic Hauler’s Deep Mining Spacesuit)
  • Helmet using the Chameleon trait
  • Alternatively, using the Void Form power

As aforementioned, this clip also sees the power of the Wakizashi sword put to good use, which can eliminate foes with one or hits depending on the weapon’s rarity / enemy level. You can the key ingredient, the Suppressed Refined XM-2311, in the Porrima system according to Starfield YouTuber ‘Dantics’. It’ll require some legwork around the galaxy, but the results are more than worth it.

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starfield stealth weapons

The Bethesda RPG, while a critical success, remains divisive to some players.  While streamers like ‘Asmongold’ feel that Starfield is boring, this clip appears to show an experience that many players want to see for themselves.

Making the rounds on TikTok already, players like ‘FudgeGrande’ believe it bears a similarity to Arkane Studios’ approach to combat: “Sir. This is Starfield. You’re playing like it’s Dishonored. Another TikTok user, ‘Bryan Smith’, notes this resemeblence too as they say “he’s out here playing [it like a] Cyberpunk/Dishonored hybrid. I’m just trying to figure out how to carry everything I want.”

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