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Starfield gameplay trailer looks like No Man’s Sky and Mass Effect

Bethesda's latest space RPG Starfield was shown via a gameplay trailer at the Xbox Showcase, and it looks a lot like every space-based video game you've seen

Starfield Gameplay: The main character can be seen sitting in the cockpit.

Todd Howard and Bethesda’s latest space-based RPG outing, Starfield, was shown at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase and it looks epic. Howard himself jumped onto the stage, replacing Xbox’s Phil Spencer, to give us an extended Starfield gameplay trailer and we got a lot of information about it.

Starfield is going to be set in 2330 and the gameplay trailer shared offers us a glimpse into Kreet – a rocky planet with abandonded facilites and unusual fauna. There’s going to be No Man’s Sky-like scanning, to help players get used to the off fauna and flora, all the gunplay and equipment you’d expect from a futuristic take on the role-playing action adventure games Bethesda are known for.

The Starfield gameplay trailer offered us a look at some of the game’s mechanics, including a stamina meter, lock-picking, mining, and general combat. If you’re into your wild sci-fi, you’ll be in luck. It’s a combination of every space-based game you’ve ever played – Outer Worlds, Cyberpunk, Mass Effect… Howard and Bethesda have been doing their research.


But, ultimately, it all screams Bethesda, and we’re expecting the developer’s charm to be front-and-centre. So, if you’re expecting something different from Starfield… Don’t? It looks great, but it does feel as though the developer is playing things safe by sticking to it’s roots.

However, there is going to be base-building and you can build your own space-faring vessel, too. So… While the gameplay looks familiar, it’s also going to introduce a lot of new features that players should enjoy.

Starfield takes to the skies in 2023 after it was announced that the game would be pushed back from its November 2022 release date. Ahead of the this gameplay showcase, we have heard some bits and pieces about the game, including getting a look at the first of the Starfield companions.

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