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Splatoon 3 local multiplayer modes and support explained

Are you looking for a rundown of everything when it comes to Splatoon 3 local multiplayer? Well here are the modes that are supported and how it works

Splatoon 3 Local Multiplayer: 2 people can be seen fighting in a multiplayer match

Splatoon 3 is closing out the trilogy of games with a host of new features and long-term support. But, one of the features that has been around for multiple games is the suite of Splatoon 3 local multiplayer features you can make use of.

Local multiplayer has become key to a number of huge multiplayer and competitive games from MultiVersus to competitive shooters. But, Splatoon with its online focus, and being on the Switch, has not always been a home for competitive local matches. But with more maps, modes, and missions across Salmon Run, multiplayer and Return of the Mammalians, that could be about to change.

So, for an overview of how it all works, continue reading below. You can find the latest up-to-date information about Splatoon 3’s local multiplayer features and options.

Splatoon 3 local multiplayer

Splatoon 3 offer full local multiplayer support within its standard Turf War multiplayer mode and Salmon Run. However, you will all need to be on your own Switch devices, you can’t play on the same one. Other modes don’t have multiplayer features like the campaign, so obviously multiplayer isn’t supported there.

Local multiplayer has never been a major focus for the Splatoon games, but it is great to see it return in the third game.

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