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Is Sons of the Forest coming to PS5, PS4?

Surviving this anticipated sequel looks to be a lot of fun, but you may be wondering if Sons of the Forest is coming to PS5 or PS4.

Sons Of The Forest PS5 PS4: A enemy can be seen

The Forest was a massive hit, catapulting into the mainstream despite being a PC exclusive at first, but is Sons of the Forest coming to PS5 and PS4, like it’s predecessor? The first game arrived on PS4 shortly after the full release, back in 2018, but the sequel’s console release isn’t so clear.

As we prepare for the Sons of the Forest release date, many of you on PS5 or PS4 are likely hoping you get to experience the strange Sons of the Forest companions on your PlayStation consoles. While a PC release is definitely happening, we have an answer for you regarding the console release of this horror-survival game.

Is Sons of the Forest coming to PS5, PS4?

Sons of the Forest currently has no plans to arrive on PS5 or PS4, with no release date for the PlayStation platform yet.

While this is, of course, sad news for any fans of the first game on PS4, it isn’t all bad news just yet. In an interview with GamingBolt, developer Endnight Games confirmed they would “love to come to consoles in the future”. However, they are focused on the Sons of the Forest early access period first and foremost.

Endnight Games is hoping to “deliver the best experience possible to PC players” according to the above interview. So, if a console version of the game is announced, at least the PC players have tested it first for us and provided feedback so we can get the optimal experience.

The lack of a Sons of the Forest PS5 and PS4 launch is a shame, but if you’re looking to get your survival game fix on the PlayStation consoles, you can check out our best PS5 survival games so you have something to start playing.