Sons of the Forest release date, trailer, gameplay, and more

Everything we know about the horror survival sequel, including the Sons of the Forest release date

The player can be seen wielding an axe at an enemy.

Sons of the Forest is the much-anticipated sequel to the horror survival game The Forest. Despite being announced a few years ago, Endnight Games has been as silent as a spooky forest at night, with very little marketing or reveals for the game.

Despite the lack of information, fans have extrapolated some details about the game, including the return of the survival and building gameplay, with a mix of cave and land exploration. The creepy enemies and foes also make a return, although not much is known about them in this iteration of the survival game.

But, enough about what fans of the series have discovered about the sequel, let’s get into the trailers and gameplay for the game and also some of the platform details, including the Sons of the Forest release date.

Sons Of The Forest Release date

The Sons of the Forest release date is set for some time in 2021, although we haven’t heard anything since December 2020.

A number of rumours and leaks have emerged in recent weeks suggesting that the game is set to release this Halloween. Those rumours haven’t been confirmed yet and have come from less than reliable sources, so we will have to wait for a confirmation from the developer.


As of right now, we don’t know which platforms Sons of the Forest will hit. No official announcement has been made, but given its genre and history on PC, we can guess that Sons of the Forest will at least hit PC. A console release at some point also seems likely.

Sons Of the Forest Trailer

The first Sons of the Forest trailer debuted at The Game Awards in 2019. The trailer was met with a lot of excitement due to its creepy and unsettling tone, but details on the game were vague.

YouTube Thumbnail

Sons Of The Forest Gameplay

We haven’t seen an extended gameplay demo for Sons of the Forest. However, the second trailer for the game, released in December 2020 and did show some more in-depth gameplay, including combat, exploration, and even some environments set inside modern buildings, which will presumably relate to the game’s story somehow.

YouTube Thumbnail

There you have it, everything we know about Sons of the Forest, including details about the Sons of the Forest release date. Stay tuned for more information as we hear more from Endnight Games.

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