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Will Sonic Frontiers be on Game Pass?

If you are wondering will Sonic Frontiers be on Game Pass, look no further as we have the latest on the game's release and ways to play it

Will Sonic Frontiers be On Game Pass: Sonic can be seen running up to a boss

Are you wondering will Sonic Frontiers be on Game Pass? If you are keen to hop in, but maybe don’t want to pay full price, you may be curious about if you can grab the game with your subscription service.

SEGA has been a pretty big supporter of Game Pass in the past with all the Yakuza games and some of the strategy games for PC and Xbox coming to the service. But, Sonic is a different beast altogether. So, to find out the latest on Sonic Frontiers coming to Game Pass read below.

Will Sonic Frontiers be on Game Pass?

Sonic Frontiers is currently not set to come to Game Pass anytime soon. SEGA hasn’t announced the game’s release on the service, which suggests there are no plans to bring it there anytime soon for either console, PC, or Ultimate.

This doesn’t mean to say that the game won’t ever hit Game Pass. But, we’d be surprised if it comes to the service within the next year as reviews have been somewhat positive and hardcore Sonic players will undoubtedly already be buying in. The sales from the general public will likely determine if the game comes to Game Pass.

But, if we do hear about Sonic Frontiers on Game Pass, we will be sure to update this guide. While you wait to play, why not check out our guide on all the playable characters in Sonic Frontiers?