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Sniper Elite 5 best skills to unlock first

Looking for some of Sniper Elite 5's best skills? Here are some of the ones you should try and buy as soon as you can in the campaign

Sniper Elite 5 Best Skills: Karl can be seen walking through a large open field, with a house in the background.

Sniper Elite 5 builds upon its traditional sniping gameplay by adding a few new gameplay layers to the experience. And, one of those areas that have seen some love is the skill trees available in the main campaign. And, if you are taking a quick glance at them you probably won’t be able to find out what are the best skills in Sniper Elite 5.

The ringed system of the skill trees means that you will need to focus your point spending to unlock some of the more valuable skills. However, there are still a few easy-to-unlock skills that can be purchased surprisingly early on, which should give you a leg up when either facing enemies or an Axis Sniper invasion.

Below, you can find the best skills in Sniper Elite 5, that should help you nail shots accurately and compete in close quarters combat.

sNIPER Elite 5 Best Skills

There are a number of skills in the game, but we have 7 choices for the best skills in Sniper Elite 5. They are:

  • Back In The Fight
  • Health Boost 1
  • Health Boost 2
  • Steady Hand
  • Focus Range
  • Focus Movement
  • Speedy Recovery

Sniper Elite 5 Best Skills: Karl can be seen melee killing an enemy

Back In The Fight

Back In The Fight is one of the earliest skills you can get and you need to buy it to purchase anything else in the combat skill tree.

However, the ability to revive yourself when downed is invaluable and will stop you from having to restart the mission from the last checkpoint. As such, it should be the first thing you buy.

Health Boost 1

Health Boost 1 is a fairly self-explanatory skill. It, well, gives you a health boost. In fact, you get another segment of your health bar.

More health is never a bad thing, so if you can, focus your attention on trying to unlock this as soon as you can.

HEalth Boost 2

Much like Health Boost 1, this is one of the best skills in Sniper Elite 5 as it gives you another health segment for your bar.

This, plus the last health upgrade should give you enough health to survive a lot of the fights you can lose when you only have your starting amount of health.

Steady Hand

Steady Hand is another great skill as it reduces scope shake when you take damage. This means that you can engage in open combat and have an easier time sniping.

On top of that, if you are sniping from a vantage point it allows you to stay on target better if an enemy sniper is able to hit you from afar.

Sniper Elite 5 Best Skills: Karl can be seen sniping from behind some sandbags

Focus Range

Focus is one of the most useful skills when engaging in close-quarters combat. It allows you to see enemies through walls.

And, this skill boosts the range of that, allowing you to see enemies from a greater distance, which can help with up-close stealth kills and can save you from getting surprised by an enemy.

Focus Movement

Similarly, Focus Movement is one of the best skills in Sniper Elite 5 as when using focus, this skill will allow you to move faster.

Initially, moving while using focus is very slow, so this buff is a great benefit when making your way through the campaign.

Speedy Recovery

Finally, another of the best skills in the game is Speedy Recovery. Having this skill ensures your health regeneration begins sooner.

This can keep you alive longer and prevent you from dying and having to restart from the last checkpoint.

That covers Sniper Elite 5’s best skills to unlock as soon as you can while playing. For more help with the game, check out our rundown of the Sniper Elite 5 mission list and how Sniper Elite 5 crossplay works in the game.