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Skull and Bones’ “tremendous response” to Season 1 may surprise you

Yes, Ubisoft's divisive pirate RPG Skull and Bones appears to be sailing on the tides of success, as Ubisoft prepares to launch Season 2.

Skull and Bones Season 2: An image of a pirate and a ship in the ocean in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones had a strange road to launch, with Ubisoft’s quadruple-A branding of the title landing with a thud, rather than a bang. After years of delayed release windows, the pirate RPG might not be for everyone, but it does appear to be a success for Ubisoft – whether you like it or not. Now, ahead of Skull and Bones Season 2‘s launch, Ubisoft thanks players for their support.

Skull and Bones Season 1 is reaching its conclusion, and a new chapter is on the way for the previously maligned multiplayer game. In an open letter to the game’s community, Ubisoft expresses the following message: “Let us begin by saying how amazing it has been for all of us working on Skull and Bones to witness the tremendous response from our entire community since the launch of our game.”

With support pouring in from the RPG game‘s Discord server and social media platforms, Ubisoft says it “wouldn’t have been possible without the passion and dedication you’ve shown to Skull and Bones.” Going into Season 2, more quality-of-life changes are headed to Skull and Bones. Here are the improvements you can expect to see:

  • Lower Rogues and La Peste’s Plaguebringer spawn rate, and threat reduction to ensure they “remain a significant disruption while ensuring you were all able to deal with them accordingly.”
  • Fairer PvP experience for all players, and a new option to start PvP battles anywhere at any time with fellow players
  • End-game economy adjustments: “Allowing manufactories to run for longer, and ensuring a steady income of Pieces of Eight whether you were just getting started, or already well advanced in growing your empire. Not to mention allowing you to collect Pieces of Eight from your manufactories while in combat.”
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Adding better PvP is a win in our eyes, as engaging in swashbuckling adventures on the fly should be right at the heart of a true pirate experience. This is just the start for PvP too, as Ubisoft is set on enhancing the experience in Season 2, alongside these key tweaks:

  • Ship Upgrades, which will allow you to upgrade your ships to improve ship stats and gain new perks
  • Fleet Management, which will allow you to assign ships to manufactories to automatically collect pieces of eight
  • Helm Leases, which will allow you to acquire a manufactory of your choice
  • New PvE & Solo Game Modes
  • Balancing the costs of our Manufactories

When Season 2 launches on PS5 and Xbox, there will be some significant grinding to do, though. The forthcoming update will implement a seasonal reset, meaning that “all players will see their ranks on the leaderboards, their manufactories, and upgrades be reset.” It isn’t all bad, though, as you’ll be given tools to get back on track in return for your efforts in Season 1.

The rise of Skull and Bones’ reputation is certainly surprising, given that it wasn’t exactly a critical darling upon release. Following its release, more players were hopping back onto Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, which is where the concept for Skull and Bones originated. However, it looks like the game isn’t walking the plank just yet.

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