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Sker Ritual update brings COD Zombies icon NoahJ456 into the action

Fend off your foes in Sker Ritual with the support of a COD Zombies icon, as NoahJ456’s voice lines are added to the PS5 and Xbox FPS.

Sker Ritual NoahJ456: An image of YouTuber NoahJ456 and a Quiet One from Sker Ritual.

Surviving against the Quiet Ones in Sker Ritual can be tough work, but you don’t have to go it alone. With the help of the game’s often hilarious voice lines, it’s easy to rally your squad together with a quick ‘sheesh’ or ‘let’s go’ in the most dire situations. Now, Wales Interactive is introducing an icon from the Call of Duty Zombies community, as YouTuber ‘NoahJ456’ is set to be added to the PS5 and Xbox shooter.

Well, kind of. Armed with a set of fresh fixes for the promising FPS game, Wales Interactive is deploying a new range of voice lines recorded by the popular Call of Duty content creator for all players to enjoy. The developer says that the new Sker Ritual “update will be live on Steam later today [Friday, May 10, 2024] and on consoles over the next few days.” But just how did NoahJ456 find himself inside the terrifying world of Sker Ritual?

Since the co-op game’s release on consoles a few weeks ago, NoahJ has been racing through Sker Ritual’s easter eggs at a furious pace. Having managed to complete the first map’s main easter egg, which includes getting an awesome Wunderwaffle DG-2-style gun (hell yeah), his efforts managed to capture the attention of Wales Interactive. “Somehow they found the time to watch my video, and at the beginning of the last video I said ‘if you guys wanted me to voice something, I’d absolutely do it,” he explains in a recent YouTube upload.

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Once Wales Interactive caught wind of this offer, the studio promptly responded “3 hours” later to take the YouTuber up on his word. In the run up to NoahJ456’s vocal debut in Sker Ritual, subscribers were encouraged to suggest lines that he could record for the promising multiplayer game.

While there were plenty of suggestions to consider, I reckon that ‘dannysco833’ triumphs to the top of the list with pun-tastic idea: “Don’t be Sker’d.” When the update debuts on PS5 and Xbox, players can equip one of three voice lines from NoahJ456. Here’s a preview of them below:

Additionally, in the latest Sker Ritual patch notes, PlayStation 5 players, will also gain the benefit of 120 FOV on Sony’s flagship console – an absolute win in my eyes. So, not only can you have NoahJ’s voice echoing throughout the halls of each map, but you’ll be able to see each enemy from afar like never before.

I’ve been putting a fair amount of time in Sker Ritual myself, and it really is the standalone COD Zombies experience that Activision has never delivered. And no, Modern Warfare Zombies does not count. Balancing the intrigue of chasing down easter eggs with good old-fashioned survival from the early days of the mode, Sker Ritual is one of the best PS5 multiplayer games I’m sinking my time into right now.

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