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Silent Hill Ascension could be the horror franchise’s next instalment

Silent Hill Ascension has potentially been accidentally revealed by Konami, alongside more details pertaining to the upcoming Silent Hill Transmission

Silent Hill Ascension leak: Pyramid Head

It’s Silent Hill Transmission day, and the content-starved fans of the cult horror game franchise are ravenous for Konami to finally lift the lid on what’s in store for its future. Well, a small mishap on the official YouTube page for the event may have already let slip everything the publisher is set to reveal later on today – this includes a possible new title called Silent Hill Ascension.

As spotted by eagle-eyed ResetEra users, Konami had listed the long-rumoured Bloober Team remake of Silent Hill 2 alongside the placeholder for a PlayStation Store link in the video’s description. Additionally, those who trawled the page’s metadata revealed that, not only is Silent Hill 2 content possibly coming our way, but news on the movie series reboot – Return to Silent Hill – which is being written and directed by Christophe Gans is too.

Of course, the big question mark hangs over Silent Hill Ascension, which looks to be a whole new Silent Hill experience altogether. Whether it will be the series’ ninth mainline instalment, or a spin-off title remains to be seen.

You can check out the screenshots from the Transmission page – which has since been scrubbed of any mention of Silent Hill 2 – and its metadata below. As you can see, we look to be in for a new trailer alongside some interview content during the reveal’s reported 48-minute runtime. We may even finally find out what Silent Hill The Short Message is, which was leaked earlier this year.

While you’re eagerly awaiting to see if the metadata is correct, or all one big bait from Konami’s end, you should definitely check out some of the other best PS5 horror games out there to help pass the time.