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Silent Hill The Short Message release date and gameplay speculation

Want to found out the Silent Hill The Short Message release date? How about the gameplay and story in Konami's horror game? Here's what we know about it

silent hill the short message release date fighting in a corridor

Horror fans have been frothing at the mouth since Hideo Kojima announced he was developing a Silent Hill game that featured Norman Reedus for Konami. Then, with his departure, everything went quiet and we assumed the game was done for. However, a Silent Hill The Short Message release date might on the horizon after years of rumours and speculation.

And with the latest revolution coming from a Korean rating, it’s time we looked at all the evidence surrounding what a new game in the franchise will look like, as well as what recent leaks could mean.

Below, you’ll find a recap of all the events suggesting a new Silent Hill is coming and what the recently leaked The Short Message could be ahead of the Silent Hill The Short Message release date.

Silent Hill The Short Message release date rumours

We don’t yet know an official release date for Silent Hill The Short Message game, but recent news suggests an announcement might be imminent.

Ever since Hideo Kojima made the PT demo and it was confirmed he was working on a Silent Hill game before getting the axe from Konami, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of what happened to the franchise. Now, a new game called Silent Hill: The Short Message has been rated in Korea.

Add to this the fact that Bloober Team (Layers of Fear and The Medium) teased that they were working on an established horror IP from a famous publisher in an interview with GI Biz and announced a partnership with Konami, then it sure seems like something is being crafted in the shadows.

Andy Robinson of VGC also tweeted that he’s heard from inside sources that the reveal date of the next Silent Hill project could well be sooner than we all think and that “fans possibly won’t have to wait much longer.” Robinson also notes not to take that statement as “gospel,” but all signs certainly seem to point to the re-emergence of Silent Hill soon.

We will update this section as the situation changes, so check back if you’re as excited as we are.

What could Silent Hill The Short Message be?

There have long been rumoured to be multiple Silent Hill games in the works, which have been licenced out by Konami to other development studios, including a remake of Silent Hill 2 and one set in Britain according to VGC. However, Silent Hill The Short Message appears to be something entirely new. We suspect it to be something more akin to the PT demo – a shorter demo to tease the next full game, for example.

Multiple leaked images could shed light on what Silent Hill: The Short Message could be. One of the images that has emerged in recent months features what appears to be a “messaging” feature that appears in the HUD of the game, which shows an overlay of text messages as the player is exploring a dark and abandoned building.. This would corroborate the name of the game rated in South Korea, which is Silent Hill: The Short Message.

That’s everything we know about the Silent Hill The Short Message release date, as well as everything we currently know about what the game could be. If you’re in the mood for some scares while you wait for the next Silent Hill game, then you can read out best PS5 horror games or best Xbox horror games guides for the best pick-ups.