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Silent Hill director says Konami has “several” games in the works

Silent Hill fans, it's time to start getting excited - Return to Silent Hill (2023) director Christophe Gans has spilled the beans on what Konami has planned

Silent Hill director interview new games: an image of a blonde woman in an orange turtleneck

If you’re a fan of the Silent Hill franchise and horror games, we have some good news for you. Following the revelation that an unannounced game titled Silent Hill The Short Message was rated in Korea, Silent Hill (2006) director Christophe Gans has seemingly confirmed the existence of “several games in development” related to the Silent Hill franchise in an interview with French-language publication Movie and Game.

In the interview, which was translated from French to English by ResetEra users ‘Angie’ and ‘Dusk Golem’, Gans states that he is currently working with the Silent Team at Konami, not Kojima, on a “big line of games” that will “revive the franchise”. While not working directly on game development, Gans is credited as director and writer for the 2006 Silent Hill movie and is currently working as director and writer of the 2023 reboot titled Return to Silent Hill.

What does this all mean? Well, it means that we should almost definitely start looking forward to more than one Silent Hill game – and not just from Konami.

While we don’t know much about the multiple games games that have been rumoured for years at this point, the fact that Gans says he is corresponding with at least one development team on at least one of these games would suggest that we’re going to get a title similar in tone to the original Silent Hill – and the movie he had a hand in making, of course.

In addition to this, however, Gans also confirms that Bloober Team is working on a Silent Hill 2 remake, which corroborates previous reports and rumours, while also mentioning how the success of the Resident Evil remakes “impressed” those at Konami. This could very well mean that a remake of the original Silent Hill from 1999 is in development too, but we’ll have to wait for the publisher to confirm or deny this.

Interestingly, Gans has explained that he is trying to focus on both the psychological and psychoanalytic aspects of Silent Hill in his upcoming movie, describing Silent Hill as “a place that owes as much to the creatures that live there as what we project on the town.” While this does little to detail what we can expect from any upcoming games, if they do exist at all, it does get us excited for next year’s return to the iconic town.

Would a Silent Hill 2 remake be one of the best PS5 horror games out there?. Well, we can’t say, but a brand new Silent Hill game altogether might just be.