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How to save your game in Scorn

If you want to know the ways you can save your game in Scorn, then look no further as here is what you need to do to ensure you don't lose progress

Scorn Save Game: The player can be seen shooting at a creature

Saving your game is always key in any game, but especially ones that are full of challenging scenarios or tasks like Scorn. But, the game doesn’t tell you the ways in which you can save, so we’ll do that for you with this guide, showing you how to save your game in Scorn.

Scorn’s combat is what will most likely cause you to lose your progress, so being able to respawn fairly close to your current spot is key to not making the game feel like a slog or difficult to complete. But, unfortunately, Scorn doesn’t always do this, especially early on.

So, with the knowledge of how to save your game in Scorn below, you will be able to know when the game saves for you. That way you can keep an eye out for the key pivotal moments when you reach a checkpoint.

How to save your game in Scorn

To save your game in Scorn, you have to reach one of the game’s pre-defined checkpoints. There aren’t any manual save states or ways to save your game from the menu.

In the first half of the game, the checkpoints are fairly far spread out, which isn’t great as you can lose a fair amount of progress. But, as you get into the more combat-focused, challenging second half of the game, the checkpoints are far more common. So, when in Act I-III of the game, you should only save after reaching major milestones, such as a new puzzle or area.

With this knowledge, you should have an easier time getting through Scorn and not have to repeat many of any of the puzzle solutions. If you want more tips before you get too deep into the experience, why not check out our Scorn combat tips to help you out on that side of the experience?