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Saints Row vehicle abilities include crab steering and ejector seats

Saints Row's vehicle customisation isn't just bodywork deep - there are several vehicle abilities on offer to shakeup the open world game's gameplay

Saints Row vehicle abilities: A split image of a sports car painted to look like a shark and someone performing a stunt on a neon motorcycle

Saints Row aims to give you more customisation options than you will ever need when it comes to snazzing up your character, weapons, HQ, and of course your ride. There are over 80 vehicles in the Saints Row reboot, and not only can you trick them out with everything from massive spoilers to dynamic paint, but you can also upgrade them to make them do weird, wonderful, and destructive things.

Saints Row vehicle abilities will certainly spice up your gameplay once you unlock them, and can turn your land, sea, and air-fairing transportation into an agile getaway ride, a senseless death machine, or just a circus on wheels.

A presentation shown to the media going over all of Saints Row’s customisation options highlighted a few of the vehicle abilities that will be available. Arguably the funniest is the ejector seat, which with the press of a button will rocket you out of your vehicle and into the sky, allowing you to also deploy a wingsuit for quick traversal.

There’s also the option to turn your car into a wrecking ball. An enormous ball and chain will be attached to the rear bumper and will slide around recklessly behind you as you drive around, smashing anything in its path.

There is also the crab steering ability, which will make weaving in and out of traffic (or squeezing in tight parking spaces) a doddle.

Other vehicle abilities in Saints Row include a jump ability, letting you bounce over traffic or roadblocks; “kneecappers”, which are blades attached to the wheels of your car that can wreck adjacent vehicles; and an infinite boost, which is pretty self explanatory and seems great for performing stunts.

Volition also says there will be some “story-related” vehicle abilities too, but those aren’t going to be revealed just yet.

Alongside these bespoke vehicle abilities, cars can be fitted with other extra pieces of equipment like nitrous, towing cables (we can sense some Just Cause-style carnage with this one), and off-road kits.

It’s encouraging to know that vehicle customisation isn’t just confined to their appearance, and hopefully these abilities will add to the already bonkers gameplay that fans look set to enjoy come the Saints Row release date in August.