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Is Rumbleverse free to play?

Are you looking for all the information about Rumbleverse being free to play? This article will cover whether their is an entry price for the game

Rumbleverse Free To Play: A wrestler can be seen on a rooftop

Rumbleverse is set to make itself known in the live-service space and one of the surefire ways it could do that is if it was a free game. After all not everyone has the money to invest in a game they haven’t tried. But, what is Iron Galaxy’s plan for Rumbleverse being free to play?

Well, with Epic behind them, who publish Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League, you should expect Rumbleverse to ease you in and remove as many barriers to entry as possible. After all the core business model of these live-service games is to get you in the door and play before you buy. From there you can choose what you want to invest in, whether it be the battle pass, skins, other cosmetic items, or more.

So, what is planned for Iron Galaxy’s latest effort? Is Rumbleverse free to play? Read on to find out the answer.

Is Rumbleverse free to play?

Rumbleverse is indeed free to play on all platforms, meaning that you don’t need to pay to get access to the game.

This means that you can jump in and begin fighting without having to pay up. However, of course, Rumbleverse will have its fair share of microtransactions for cosmetic items, as well as a battle pass that will be available as a part of each season.

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