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You can now play Mario Kart in Rocket League

The mod perfectly recreates Mario Kart's Yoshi Circuit in Rocket League

MarioKart recreated in Rocket League

If you’re a fan of tyre-screeching car-ball action, then there’s only one game for you: Rocket League. But fans of arcade racing games can get a bit bored waiting in those Rocket League ranked queues, and the standard practice maps are hardly inspiring.

Therefore, one player took it upon themself to make these awkward waiting periods a little more exciting. The mod they built recreates a classic Mario Kart race, Yoshi Circuit, and players are loving jumping in for a couple of laps while their matchmaking occurs. Everyone knows this is the best Mario Kart course – purely because it is shaped like everyone’s favourite Nintendo dinosaur, Yoshi.

It’s also the perfect place to test your turning and check out how your latest vehicle upgrades look. After all, it’s cooler driving around an iconic circuit than hitting a ball around a neon square like a moody teenager in a cyberpunk future. In Rocket League, best cars are a hotly contested subject, but it’s safe to say that all of them are better than a humble kart racer – right?

You can download the mod from the Steam Workshop – so anyone who still has Rocket League installed via Steam can easily access Yoshi’s Circuit. The map is actually two years old, but has recently surged in popularity.

Quite fun while searching games from RocketLeague

Steam user ‘Thanrek’ created the detailed course, which has currently sits at a five-star rating on Steam after 2,699 ratings. The track looks faultless, although we did notice a section of railing has been introduced after the tunnel in this version – in Mario Kart Double Dash, this gap led to a risky shortcut through a tunnel.

However shortcut or not, it looks like great fun trying to get a perfect lap on Yoshi’s Circuit while you wait for a match to load. Now all we need is some Mario Kart characters as toppers for your car to fully emulate the Mario Kart experience with Rocket League mechanics. There’s got to be a mod for that…